December 5, 2016

What we believe

Being a Presbyterian Church means that we adhere to the Westminister Confession of Faith which you can read here. The Confession provides a good summary of what the Bible teaches.

But here’s a shorter summary of what we believe.

We believe the Bible is entirely true. God has spoken to us in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments so that we can know him. We hear God speak by reading the Bible and hearing it preached…

We believe that people are sinners. You and me both – right to the core! Everyone, everywhere has rebelled against God, rejecting his way of doing things and we’ve sought to live life our way.

We believe that humanity’s sin has made life a mess, and one day as the Bible warns us God will decisively, eternally punish our rebellion.

We believe that the “gospel” or the good news as it’s commonly called, is our only hope. God driven by his love sends his perfect Son into the world to do what we simply cannot do for ourselves. Jesus lives the perfect life we should have lived. Jesus dies on the cross for us, the perfect sacrifice for our sin, so we can be forgiven and have a fresh start with God. Jesus rises from the grave, so that we can be given the gracious gift of eternal life.

We believe that this makes Jesus Lord of everything, and that this changes everything.

We believe that God sends his Spirit to come and change people’s hearts so that we can believe this good news, and live differently because of it.

We believe that the Church is the means by which this good news is communicated into a messy world. We believe that not only is this news good news, but it’s the urgent news that we need to hear and be changed by.